Sunday, July 15, 2007

Telecommuters want the iPhone!

Around 15 per cent of mobile workers in the US want to be equipped with Apple's iPhone, new research claimed today.

Market research firm RDA Global said that there are 50 million workers in the US who either travel, work away from their office or telecommute, offering a potential market for at least 7.2 million iPhones.

Mobile workers already using Apple computers and iPods are most likely to be interested in an iPhone, according to the research, which was based on a poll of 1,027 people in the US.

"The survey indicates that the iPhone price of $500 to $600 is unlikely to deter the relatively better-off, young, well-educated and professional consumers, who tend to be Apple fans."

The research suggests that these younger consumers are willing to pay a 50 per cent premium or more for iPhone features.

There is also good news in the report for AT&T which will be providing the exclusive service contracts for the iPhone.

The survey found that iPhone purchasers spend almost twice the amount of time on their mobile device than is the case with those not interested in the iPhone.

"We expect the iPhone to have a substantial impact on how mobile workers communicate," said Seals.

Okay, duh . . .of course telecommuters want iPhones, they are like a computers in your pocket. I mean it's not just a phone . . . it's a camera . . . wait, it's a PDA . . . wait, it's a iPod on steroids . . . oh, wait it can make dinner.

I'm personally surprised the survey said only 15% of telecommuters want one of these. Well, I speak for the "way-cool" telecommuters everywhere in these here United States when I say: "Hell yeah, I want an iPhone. It is way kwuualll, man!"

Now, if only I can make enough money to support my high-tech fetish.

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