Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Rich people's fear and worry

Forbes had a wonderful article on problems and fears that rich people often face. They are in this order:

1. Being sued or losing money through divorce
2. Finding sophisticated tax strategies
3. Identity theft
4. Making sure heirs are taken care of
5. Gifts to charity
6. Financial advisers scamming them
7. Acts of violence toward them or family (kidnapping, extortion, etc.)
8. Balancing family and business
9. Managing their wealth
10. Teaching the heirs about money and wealth
11. Losing income/maintaining their lifestyle
12. Improving status/getting ahead

There you have it. As Biggie-Smalls liked to say, "More money, more problems."

As "I" like to say . . . I've lived and mastered all the "poor people" problems, I'm about ready to experience some new ones now. Those uber-rich problems look interesting, I think I'll try them on for size. Thanks.

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