Monday, July 16, 2007

Review: Millionaire Blueprint Magazine

Millionaire Blueprint Magazine

I don't know why I picked up this magazine . . . it was just so big, and red and it had $1,000,000 ripping across the cover. The bench at Barnes and Noble hit the back of my knees, inviting me to just sit down and look at it. One hour later, I had to buy the magazine because there were yellow highlighter mark in two of the articles. (Seriously, the highlighter just leaped out of my purse and started marking things -- it was freaky.)

From that day forward, I hunt through the magazine stand look for new editions. If you buy no other magazine, buy this one. It's worth your money and your time.

This magazine interviews millionaires and give the reader step-by-step details (and instructions) on how they "made" it. The interesting part about the magazine is they feature millionaires that are truly the "neighbor next door" -- they are so gosh darned . . . ordinary! Ordinary people, just like you, who have just simply found something they like doing, they do it well and they gain success from it. Almost makes you think that one day soon you could be featured on the cover.

Go ahead, take a look at it. Have your highlighter in hand because this is a study guide and not a quick read at all. It's one of the few magazines that I do not throw away because they are reference manuals, not clutter.

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  1. I just read your posts found under the label "Millionaire-Mind". I really enjoy your writing style and sense of humor, Telemill.

    When I first contemplated my plan for financial freedom and told my hubby about it, he said to me, "If it's that easy, why doesn't EVERYONE do it?". The only reason I could figure was that other folks didn't know they could.

    Now I'm not saying $2 million in 3 years would be easy. It took me 10 years to accumulate my first million. But my original goal was just to reach financial freedom by age 44 (I earned brownie points by reaching my goal early at age 40). So now you make me question whether I set my $ goal too low...
    Nah, I'm still free. And a very ordinary person to boot.
    ~Millionaire Mommy Next Door

  2. Millionaire Blueprints Magazine is out of business. Finished. Guess they didn't follow any of their own advice.

  3. No They are not out of business they are regrouping after ripping off shareholders. WARNING DO NOT BUT STOCK IN THIS MAGAZINE.


  4. No, the owner, Tom Spinks, passed away and the company is going through transition. This is not an easy thing to go through. I'm sure they will make good once things settle.

  5. So many people lost hundreds of thousands of dollars because the heirs of Tom Spinks got greedy and did not follow through with their father's dreams.
    I am quite sure with verbal written communication that they will NEVER replace what was taken - time, dreams, money and more money - as former owners were told to BACK OFF and ACCEPT THE LOSS. I know what I speak, I have the letter. I will never ever believe Millionaire Blueprints to be a reputable magazine or worthy of reading - much less a subscription.
    Millionaire Blueprints Magazine is a SCAM!


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