Monday, April 15, 2013

How They Do It (HTDI): Create a Fun/Funny Product

You may or may not know this but I have over 19,000 followers on Twitter at @Telemill.  And I must say, I am impressed with many of them. Many of my followers are entrepreneurs, creators, inventors and business people that come up with the most ingenious stuff.  I am so happy that I have these people in my life, because they show me the hundreds upon thousands of opportunities and ideas that creates the possibility to live out your dream!

Have you ever thought of a crazy idea and thought the world would be a better place if you made your idea a reality?  Well, I suppose that's what Thomas Madden thought when he came up with the bright idea to put dumb-bells on eating utensils.  That's right, dumb-bells on knives, folks and spoons. The more you eat the more energy you expel by lifting the weighted food and fork to your mouth. Also, the weight of the utensils cause you to eat more slowly, which helps you to lose weight (he explains that whole thing on his website). That's way, if you use Thomas Madden's utensils, you can have your cake and eat it too . . . get it?    Genius, I say!

Meet the maker of Knife and Fork Lift.  His product turns eating into exercise!  Dumb-bells on forks and spoons and knives provides a fun way to remind people that they should be exercising. He has a lot of fun with his product on his website: and has a twitter account: @KnifeForkLift which explains the entire concept of his fun product.  I love it!

Notice on his website that he created an LLC, a simple website, and made sure his invention was patented -- he understands what I meant in my blog post: Your Ideas are Worth a Mountain of Gold - PROTECT THEM. After some time promoting his product in health columns, health blogs and health reporters . . . Knife and Fort Lift (TM) has been featured on the Today Show (see the video on his website) and MSNBC!

Simply put, he created a really funny product and promotes it online. You can take this same model and create something equally as fabulous and just as fun.  I give kudos to Thomas Madden and to all you wacky inventors out there taking a page from the Book of Thomas Madden and creating fun products!

Telecommuting Millionaire's? HTDI Series (How They Do It) 
My intention is to feature a person at least every week that I think is living their dream as an example that you can also live your dreams. I'm trying my best to get you on your way to becoming an amazingly successful, financially free, and joyfully happy person.  Remember, I'm counting on YOUR success because, I've always wanted powerful and influential friends!

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