Thursday, April 18, 2013

Earn Quick Money: Street Performing

I love street performers, don't you?

Street performing or "busking" as they like to call it is performing your own bit of talent in public places for gratuities, tips (money).  So, what do people do to entertain the busy population of tourists and shoppers walking down the street?

animal tricks
ballon twisting/shaping
card tricks
caricature drawing/painting

live statue

street art

and much, much more

Many famous people started this way

Don't knock street entertainers.  People do perfect their craft and get discovered from performing in the street.  They also make some pretty good money (why else do you think that this form of art is still around?)  Some of the famous names you may know that began their entertainment career as street performers: Josephine Baker, Bon Jovi, Tracy Chapman, Benjamin Franklin, Guy Laliberte (found of Cirque du Soleil), Rod Stewart, Jimmy Buffett and many, many more.  Some artists like STING disguise himself and still perform on street corners.

The art of street performing

1.  Scope out the best place to have your performance.  It should be a place with plenty of foot traffic.  Most public property is fair game, but if you are asked to leave my authorities you should quietly leave with argument.

2.  Know the law.  Street performers sometimes need to have permits (especially around high tourist areas like Fisherman's Wharf area in San Francisco).

3.  Avoid getting to close to other performers which can be hard if there is a lot of foot traffic in the area you have chosen to perform in.

4.  Setup is essential.  Prepare your stage, get your equipment ready and put up a sign.

5.  Gather a crowd.  Try to attract attention of the foot traffic around you.  Smile and be pleasant.  Talk to people, be a salesman - this is not the time to be shy.  Bring the crowd close.

6.  Always be watchful of thieves, never leave your equipment or (God forbid) your money unattended -- it WILL disappear.

7.  Keep the crowd interested.  Stay upbeat and fast moving.  Make sure everything is ready for your performance, no one is going to stand around and wait for you to set things up.  Make them laugh and interact with your audience as much as possible.

8.  Have an interesting looking or attractive tip jar.  It's best to already have some money in your "money collector" as a sign that money goes there.  

9.  Always deliver a "hatline" before the grand finale.  *Hatline= Announce to the crowd who you are, your gratitude for their time and that you accept donations.  After your grand finale, thank the crowd and "work the crowd" (asking for tips/donations).  Be friendly, joke around.

Want to know more about street performers?  Go to Busker Central Website to learn more.

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