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Earn Quick Money: Online Jury Duty

Have you ever gone to Jury Duty and thought, this wouldn't be so bad if I didn't have to go to the court house and sit around in a room with strangers all day?  Well, someone heard your fervent prayer.  There are things called Online Mock Trials that allow lawyers to rehearse their arguments with real people but best of all . . . it can be done in the comfort of your own home or anywhere you are (as long as you have internet access).

And the greatest news of all.  The pay is waaaaay better than regular jury duty!

Have you heard of Online Mock Trails?  It's when attorneys present highlights of cases they may or may not be trying to a set of "mock jurors" (that would be YOU).  Most often this is the best way for lawyers to pre-try a case.  The key to doing this is to provide invaluable insight on a case, or insight on how a jury would react to certain aspects of a case.  This is serious business and your insight and thoughtful participation could earn you anywhere from $10 to $100 per case.

There are two ways that they do this.  There is In-Person Project Participation where they ask you to come to their research facilities for one day or several weeks to participate in mock trials.  Or there is Online Project Participation where you participate in a mock trial via online tools.

To effectively participate in these "mock jury" opportunities, you should:
  • Be a U.S. Citizen with no felony convictions (the cleaner your record the better)
  • Be 18 years or older with NO law, paralegal or insurance experience
  • Already have a PayPal account set up
  • Complete membership applications and access materials through electronic means
  • Fulfill all case review requirements and able to meet deadlines
 Okay, so this is what the job entails.  If you are picked to be part of a case, you are given a link to review a case summary. (This jobs requires lots of reading and paying attention to detail.) You will be asked to fill out a questionnaire about the case, then deliberate with other jurors (in some cases).  You may accept or deny invitations to participate in cases -- and in some cases, you can even change your mind in the middle of a deliberation and decide to not continue.  But, understand that you are only paid for completed cases.

Please understand that just because you signup and are eligible to receive cases, does not mean you will receive notices to participate.  Case assignments are usually based on the nature and location of the cases (especially for In-Person Project Participation mock juries).

So, here is some advice to increase your changes of getting called:

  1. Register with as many of the companies as you can listed below.  
  2. Have your e-mail (they usually contact you via e-mail) alert you on your smartphone or cell phone because it's important to respond quickly to any request.  Most cases have a limited number of slots that they will accept and once they get the right amount of people the offer quickly closes!
  3. Make sure your computer can download and store large documents, audio files and even videos files.
  4. READ their Privacy Policy and Terms of Service BEFORE you fill out any personal information about yourself.  Seriously, this is important!
  5. Be ready to answer alot of personal questions about yourself.  They ask for gobs of personal information on their applications
  6. READ their Privacy Policy and Terms of Service BEFORE you fill out any personal information about yourself.  Yes, I'm repeating myself because this is important damn-it!

Do you think you can do this?  Great!  Here are some reputable sites to join.
This is an online mock jury and focus group specializing in helping attorneys develop cases and learn public attitudes about cases.  They call their people eJurors, they pay $5-$10 depending on the case and payments are made via PayPal.
Sign up by clicking on JUROR. "Serve as a surrogate juror, help resolve actual legal cases in your community and earn $100 for one day's work if you are randomly selected to participate"
"Earn extra money by becoming an juror. You will review interesting legal cases from the comfort of your home, provide feedback through an online questionnaire, and be paid well for your time." Case payment can range from $20-$60 and checks are sent out 1-2 weeks after the case is completed.  and
Review lawyer's cases, provide feedback and get paid!  You must have the software: Real Player installed on your computer. This website has tools so you can test your computer (to make sure it's compatible and can download and read the essential files). Payment range is $5 - $50 and you can receive it through PayPal or check.
Run by a nationally recognized trial and settlement psychology firm that's been doing this for 40 years, they are looking for "research jurors" for legal focus groups and mock trials.  Located in Dallas, they have opportunities in the "virtual world" as well.

A web-based service where attorneys upload, present and test "elements" of their cases (not the full case usually).  Jury Workshop has a live interview requirement in their application process.  And they have a system where you can be paid cash via PayPal and be paid through a point system in their Jury Workshop Points Bank.  Make sure to read the FAQ and all Policy Statements to be clear about their payment structure.
A web-based "mock jury" system (yes, they only do web-based projects) are looking for virtual jurors.  Most cases are an hour long and typically pay $30.  Of course, more complex cases that take longer are paid a little more.  Payment is rendered a few days after completion via PayPal.
They say they are the premier online focus group for legal cases.  Based in Dallas they offer actual focus groups meaning you will be called into a research facility for in-person project participation. They mail checks about 2 weeks after completion of a case.

K & B National Research
This is a full-service nation-wide focus group provider (which means they often to in-person project participation) that truly believe your opinions make a difference.  They call you into their facilities/group (they have locations all over the nation), most events last about 2 hours and then they pay you an honorarium right after you complete the focus group session (upon sign-out).

They call their participates "panel members".  This is a true focus group company, after registering you are eligible for a number of opinion opportunities . . . phone surveys, online surveys, focus groups, in-depth interviews conducted in person and much more.  So the opportunities are varied with this company.

Okay, people help everyone else out.  Are there any Mock Jury companies that I forgot to mention?  Let me know!

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