Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Using Phone Conversations to Find Great Article/Blog Post Ideas

Many new bloggers ask me, where I get my ideas for blog posts.  It makes me scratch my head, because I seem to find blog post ideas everywhere.  I'm bombarded with blog post ideas every single day and I can't write them down quickly enough.

For instance, I have a friend that calls me and talks and talks and talks. We could be on the phone for two to three hours at a time. One time we were on the phone eight hours -- man, that's like . . . work!

No, she's not being obnoxious or needy.  And no, our conversations are not solving world hunger or the Middle East Crisis.   But get this, she calls me to flesh out her thoughts. She's starting a business and she really needs someone to throw out ideas and then carefully, thoroughly flesh out the details before taking action.

 I understand, though I don't like to be on the phone that long, I understand.

Yeah, yeah, I hear you say:  That's crazy, that's a huge waste of time.  But really, it's not -- or maybe, I've made sure it's not a waste of time. In my point of view, no conversation is a waste of time -- if you are a writer.

You see, those long conversations I have with my friend cover a wide range of topics. While she is mulling over situations, problems and obstacles. I'm finding solutions, insights and processes that held her and can possibly help all of you, my lovely Telecommuting Millionaire? readers.

As a writer, I've learn to jot all this stuff down. No. Not my friend's problems or details of her life, but the THEMES and IDEAS and SOLUTIONS . . . INSIGHTS and PLANS that we cover within the conversation.

These long talking sessions can be organized into very helpful and insightful pieces that could be published in a blog, or in a magazine article, or an op-ed piece.

So, don't let phone conversations just dissipate into the air. Don't hang up the phone and simply move on to something else. While you are on the phone, jot down ideas and insights that come to you through conversation.  Those ideas could just be your ticket to a more lucrative writing career!

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