Saturday, May 19, 2007

Change can help me too . . .

If you around my house and you'll find change (coins, monetary metal) everywhere.

Clean my house and you'll have buckets of the shiny (and not so shiny) little round metal thingies. [That's what my baby used to call them when she was three years old -- "little round metal thingies."]

Think about it, all the change I collect could get me closer to my million dollar goal. I mean if I wrap 100 pennies I have $1.00 -- that's 1/1,000,000 of the way toward my goal! Which means I would only have to accumulate 999,999 $1 dollar bills to reach my goal. See, 100 pennies destroyed a comma like that [snap]. Doesn't that task look easier now that a whole comma was destroyed?

And check this out, I have way more than 100 pennies! So, my first task is to find all the change in the house -- which will help me clean up the house -- two birds, one stone -- count it and put it all in my million dollar account.

I'm on my way!