Sunday, January 26, 2014

The beautiful parts of life

I wrote about this very concept in 2013 in my blog post entitled:  What You Focus On Grows.  I can honestly say that this idea or "life's law" (as I like to call it) really works.  I've tested it.  I've changed my thinking about money, wealth and abundance.  And I've trained myself to think a very positive thought . . . just one thought.  My thought is "There is enough, I have enough, and I can get more if I want it."  I think this over and over again for whatever situation comes up.  The car breaks down, I think: "I have enough resources to get this fix easily."  An unexpected bill arrives, I think: "I saved up money in my saving account just for this possibility, I have enough money always."

I used to think negative thoughts about all the challenges and obstacles that came my way.  Now, I look at all that stuff and think how fortunate I am that I have the resources to live through it!  I discovered that when I think the positive thoughts continually, things get better and better!  What I focus on DOES grow.  So I'm focusing on abundance now!

You should try it.  Seriously, try it for 7 days . . . just a week.  Let me know in the comments section how it worked out for you.

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