Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Sometimes, you just have to freakin' relax!

It's a vicious cycle.  You begin to do something, that just might help you acquire your dream of financial and personal freedom.  But here is the kicker, that freedom is a long way off.  This particular exercise requires many long hours of work and no unforeseeable time to rest. It requires you to keep going to continue to keep up gains of your success. 

Here's the problem, for true success you do need to relax sometime.  

How are you going to solve problems or gain fresh ideas if you are bone tired all the time?

You need a vacation.  But often, life gets in the way of vacation.
1.  You have no time to take a vacation
2.  You have no money to PAY for a vacation
3.  You have nobody to spend a vacation with
4.  People are depending on you for their lively hood
5.  It just looks bad if you take time off - what will people say?

So many excuses!  Well, I've found a way to rejuvenate myself using the internet.  It's not nearly as wonderful as an actual vacation.  But a virtual vacation will do in a pinch -- follow me.

1.  Schedule your vacation - Commit to an hour and fifteen minutes each day for the next 7 days of vacation time.  You have to be faithful in this, no skipping days.  If you are going to do it, you do it the whole 7 days.

2.  Find a quiet, private space where you will not be interrupted, and disconnect -- which means turn your phone off! Turn all notification services off on your computer.  No interruptions what so ever.

3.  Start your computer (laptop or desktop) this is not going to work well with a mobile devices so don't try it.

4.  Go through these websites

Do Nothing
The challenge is to do nothing.  This website helps you get in the mood for your mini-vacation by pushing you to do nothing for an entire 2 minutes.  We are starting with this one, just as an exercise so you can learn to actually do nothing.

Take Moments
This video is very special to me.  It is what made me realize that people have to just freakin' relax and contemplate life sometimes.  Read the message in the video, it gets your mind centered on the "mini-vacation" you are about to embark in.

Nature Sounds
From K-MusicLife - Japanese Chillout a Youtube Channel with your choice of nature's most relaxing sounds. (skip the ads) These videos are an hour long.

5.  During Nature Sounds -- Lay back, force your muscles to relax. Seriously, lay in a comfortable position and concentrate of relaxing all your muscles, start with your toes and work your way up to your head. Let your thoughts roam free into pleasant thoughts, long forgotten memories and silly wonderings.  Don't worry about falling asleep, go ahead if you need to.

After watching these videos you have been on vacation for an entire hour.  You have successfully embarked on a real, mental vacation. Now, go back to work, slowly after this or better yet, don't go back to work at all.

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