Sunday, October 27, 2013

What you focus on grows . . .

Do you want to grow your problems? 

Apparently, I used to love growing my problems. Seriously, I used to look at my financial situation (which was pretty bad) and focus on what I was lacking.  I did this constantly, worrying about when and where the next dollar was going to come from. I would see bills and freak out.  An unexpected expense would put me in a tizzy.  All day long I was trying to figure out, how I was going to pay this or that. I would get really angry because everywhere around me people were driving better cars, whipping out their platinum or red credit cards, shopping for frivolous stuff for crying out loud and I couldn't even pay for essential things, like food, heat, gas!

I would clip coupons, skip lunch, plan what I could sell on e-bay next, try to hunt down a side-job I could do on weekends, because I needed, needed, needed more money and I just didn't have enough.  I never had enough.   I just couldn't make ends meet in my head.  And it didn't help that bill collectors started calling.  Urgh!  Reminding me every day that I just didn't have enough money.

I obsessed over it (this lack of money), not realizing that I was growing my problem.  What you obsess over, you grow.  Repeat that 10 times.

Do you want to know what made me break out of obsessing on my lack of money and made me realize that if I just changed my thinking just a little bit, that things would change?  When I began writing the series "Money is Everywhere: 50 Ways to Make Quick Extra Income".  

I'm still not done writing that series of articles, because guess what . . . when I began concentrating on simple ways to make money -- it began to happen. I began to make more money.  I was able to pay some of my bills.  And I told myself, well I can do more of this and take care of more of problems.  And I realized that truly money was everywhere and all I had to do was access it. Then a crazy thing happened, more money began to come my way.  

My eyes were opened, I began to see all the little ways I could make more money.  Then I took ACTION.  I began making more money and got so wrapped up in making more money that I lost track of the series and now I have to play catch-up because . . . guess what?  I found even more ways to make extra money!

We are all amazing people, and truly we are the children of God.  Whatever our minds focus on, we can make happen.  We can make anything grow, even our negative, doubtful things! As you sow, so shall you reap.

What did I do to change my circumstances?  I refocused my mind and showed myself that money (or the potential to make money) was all around me, plentiful and there to do it's job . . . help me to pay my bills.  The more I focused positively on the abundance  and plentifulness of money around me, the more it comes to me.  This will work on anything that you focus on.  Try it.

Do you want love in your life?  Then love on people.  Go out, get to know people and love them.  Gather love around you.  Tell yourself everyday that love is out there waiting for you, waiting to rain down on you and all you have to do is meet enough people and you will find it -- everywhere.

Do you want a better career, a career that you love and wouldn't mind waking each day to do?  Then tell yourself that your dream job is out there.  Listen to audio and video of people doing their dream job.  And then do the thing you want to do . . . for FREE, whenever you can.  The opportunity will come that will let you do that thing you like doing (your dream job) for a living.

It's all about how and what you focus on. Listen, not just what you focus on but how you focus on it.

So tell me people, what good thing do YOU want in your life?  How are you going to think, concentrate, focus on it from now on? Do you want to grow your good things in life? Share with me please!

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  1. This is a true and wonderful finding. I found this out in church. Proverbs 18:20. "A man's belly shall be satisfied with the fruit of his mouth, and with the increase of his lips shall he be filled." You shall have what you speak. So speak positive.

  2. Thank you. I am definitely going forth with the idead that "love is out there." Not having enough money is really hard, but even worse is trying to live without having special love in your life. Definitely going to seed love and heed love.

    Great article.


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