Sunday, April 20, 2014

What's Good for the Soul

What do you love doing the most?  What is the thing that you do that makes you feel REALLY, REALLY good inside?  

Do you like to draw?  
Do you like to write?  
Do you like to make furniture? 
Do you love sewing?  
Do you love sports? 
Do you love fixing things? 
Do you love to dance? 
Do you like making videos? 
Do you love creating exotic looks with make-up?  
Do you love cutting hair?  
Do you love coding?  
Do you love animals?  
Do you love working with children? 
Do you love rock climbing? 

Do you love _____________________________________________(fill in the blank).

Then DO it.  Right now.  Today.  Stop reading this blog and do that thing or make plans to do that thing.  Sure you have obligations that take up a lot of your time . . . family, work, etc. But there are ways you can do the thing that you like doing.  Schedule it into your day, week or month if you have to. Block out some time in your calendar and title it: "Very Important Appointment/Mandatory".  

Your mind and soul deserve some type of joy.  Make it a priority to regularly get some.

Just a note:  I'm really curious about the things that make people happy and the many talents that we have.  Please, in the comment section below, let me know what thing gives you JOY.  What thing you would do every day if given a chance.

Stay powerful and influential my friends!

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