Sunday, February 16, 2014

Your obsession is your life calling

If you are thinking of something everyday and not doing it . . . what's wrong with you? Stop thinking about it and do it.  Take every opportunity to do it.  Don't let anything stop you.  This is your happiness. Freakin' TAKE your happiness - they're not going to give it to you.

You need motivation to follow your dream?  You are in the right place.  Read this blog!
You need ideas to get extra cash so you can take the first step toward your dream?  You are in the right place, read this blog!  You need someone to hold your hand because you are afraid of doing it alone, I'm here for you.  But dude, just doing something!  Go for it! And don't stop until you get it.

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  1. Looks like great minds think alike. My motto is JUST DO IT too! Do it, do it , and do it again til you get the results you set out to get. There's one thing that's certain, until you can decide do something, you'll always have NOTHING.

  2. BJ Cole thank you so much for coming through and validating this message! So many people are letting their dreams just gather dust on the shelf due to other things in life getting in the way. I just wanted them to know that if they spend just 5 minutes on their dream each day they will FEEL SO MUCH BETTER FOR IT!


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