Monday, December 8, 2008

We’re in a Recession: Is your business screwed?

Last week I featured Part 1 and 2 of this series.

Just a few months ago, I developed a business on eBay that was pretty lucrative for the first six months . . . until about October. You know October 2008, when the president appeared on all the TV screens and said we were royally screwed unless Congress OK’d a big government bailout for the failing banks. And then credit dried up. Then no one came to eBay to buy any of my stuff and all my products just sat there all sad and lonely. Yeah, THAT October 2008.

Anyway, before I shut down my eBay account, it occurred to me that I had more power than I credited myself with. You see, I had customers (about 500 customers) that I could tap into. And guess what, even more amazing – I had their mailing and e-mail addresses.

And then this even bigger idea came to mind. Instead of letting eBay get my customers for me, perhaps – just perhaps – I should work at getting some of my previous customers to come look at my auctions. You know, ACTIVELY court and market to the people that were satisfied with my service and products. Wow! So, I created a database of 500 people, contacted them through e-mail and my sells picked up. Imagine that!

How did I do that? Well good friend I just changed my thinking. No wait, I changed my whole mental direction . . . like I was Bruce Lee talking about . . . water:

Look for part 4, later this week!

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