Monday, June 23, 2008

Collecting Change can change your life!

Wow, I was not aware that so many people collect change in this world and how it has changed their lives -- often for the better. May goodness, I did some math the other day and if I had picked up and saved all the change that I encountered in my young life . . . I would already by a millionaire. I mean do the math . . .

Anyway, I'm devoting this post to all the bloggers out there that collect change and in that change, changed their lives and my life as well. Carry on my good people!

Thoughts from the Change Race

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Change is Good
Penny Squishing

Race of the Century

Piggy Bank

Believe it or not, ALOT of these people are actually FINDING $200 - $500 a year by just picking up coins on the street and in stores and what-not. Do you realize that if you picked up $200 a year and invested it in a safe money-market account giving 4.5% interest, you would have . . . $1,392 in five years. Five years of simply looking down and picking up change! Let's say you take that $1,392 and put it in a mutual fund gaining you 7% interest for the next five years (adding $200 a year in coins that you find). Within 10 years you now have $3,183. Now watch this . . . let's just say you keep it in there for another 5 years (adding $200 a year) -- $5, 695 . . . just from picking up pennies!

Over $5,000 in 15 years, just from picking up pennies and dimes and such? I can do that!

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