Thursday, March 15, 2007

Why Are You Doing This?

This online journal is a grand experiment -- an experiment to see if the advice given in blogs, books, magazines, etc. is really true. Yes, I am telling you, admitting to you, and confessing to you that this blog is a money-making venture. But, I hope it is a money-making venture that can be repeated by you, the reader. My intent: to give you a blow-by-blow account of what I am doing to become wealthy, so you too can also become wealthy -- just by watching and learning from my efforts, mistakes and successes.

[Two fingers up, hand over my heart in true girl-scout oath position:]
  • I will try very hard to make this website easy-reading.
  • I promise to try to not get in your (or my) way to success.
  • I will do this all from my home office.
  • I pledge to help you (the reader) by making the stupid and often money-sapping mistakes all wealth-seekers tend to make.
  • My goal is to ultimately give you -- through my sacrifices -- a “heads up” to a more successful you.

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