Wednesday, March 12, 2014

The "I QUIT" Fund

What is the first thing you should start today, if you already haven't?  Your "I Quit" Fund. Really, it's your freedom fund.  It gives you a sense of confidence and freedom.  When a person has an "I Quit" fund, they interview for a job differently.  With an "I Quit" fund, they walk around the job differently.  They seem fearless, crazy confident and amazingly attractive.

Hard to believe, huh?

I tell all my friends that they should create an "I quit" fund.  You should too! 

What's an "I Quit Fund"? It's simply what financial advisers call an emergency fund.  It's a stash of money that takes care of up to 3-6 months of household expenses, in case you lose your job.  Or in case you simply decide you can't stand your job, not one more day . . . not one more moment.

There are so many horror stories about bad bosses, crazy co-workers and dysfunctional working environments it's unreal.  We, as employees, take all kinds of abuse because we need the "security" of a paycheck.  But really, should we take that stress and abuse?  We work hard, shouldn't we assure ourselves of a LIFE as trade off for the hours spent with people that we don't voluntarily choose to hang around?

Begin your "I quit" fund.  Start today.  Stash away $10 or $20 or more.  That's what I did.  I stashed away a few dollars every week and I do it to this very day.  Back then, whenever I got some extra money: a tip, a bonus, a raise, I put the money aside.  Whenever I worked a side gig, I stashed away half of whatever I earned.  Soon, I had over $500 in my little secret fund.  I decided that I wanted my money to grow faster than I could save it or earn it, so I put the money where it would grow.  Within a few months, I had a paycheck worth of savings.  Slowly, but surely I was starting to realize my freedom.

Amassing my "I quit" fund got down-right addictive.  I would save up a paycheck worth of "I quit" funds before I would deposit it into my little mutual fund (that was the way I grew my money).  I did this simply because I liked to count my money after a particularly hard day at work.  I would sit there going with stacks of hundred- and twenty-dollar bills, literally touching my freedom.  It felt damned good knowing that I had enough money to scream out "I quit" and at least be able to survive for 30 days before going hungry.  It was a heady feeling . . . a feeling of true freedom.  

Indeed, that money came in very handy.  Eventually, an ethical dilemma came up on my job.  I had a discussion with my boss about the unethical practice we were embarking in. I told him that I did not feel comfortable doing the task that the company wanted me to do.  He demanded that I continue with the process or endanger my employment.  I quit.  

Everyone was flabbergasted!  How could I quit?  Didn't I need my job?  What would I do next?  All types of questions flew around me. No one understood, how I was brave enough, free enough, to actually quit . . . not my boss, not the other employees, not anyone.  I walked out the door, very satisfied with myself.  Feeling a total control over my life that few people ever feel.

Since that day, I have been hooked on saving.  Even if I save $1 a day, that's one dollar closer to my FREEDOM.   It feels good not being a slave to a job, or a career, or the dictates of superiors in an organization.  

How do you create a little bit of freedom in your life?

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