Friday, March 7, 2014

Little things you can do to help someone

Several of friends have said to me: "I really love what you are doing with your blog and with your business ideas.  I wish there was something I could do to help you, but I don't have any money, any contacts, anything.  I'm so sorry."

My answer:  Sweetheart, you don't have to be powerful, rich and influential to help me.  There are little things you can do that can help.  

Seriously, make it a small part of your day to help someone.  If you have someone in your life that you want to help.  Do that, in little ways that cost you nothing but your consideration and a bit of your time.  Here's how:

1.  Like what you read on a blog or web page?  Support the writer or blogger. Drop a quick comment.  You don't have to be fancy about it, just something like: "Came to this article through Twitter and really enjoyed it.  So good, I read some of your other stuff too." That's it.  Quick, simple and it helps because if someone stumbles upon that post, they may look at other articles I write just because you said that you did it.  Cool huh?

2.  Share an article, status or blog post with your friends and family via Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, LinkedIN, e-mail where-ever you like to hang out.  Ask your friends and family to share it too.

3.  If you know of their work and think they do really good work (or create a really great product) send them a testimonial or recommendation they can use on LinkedIn or on their webpage.

4. Drop a note (e-mail, regular mail, whatever) and tell them how awesome they are! I collect these and keep them in a folder entitled "Read on Bad Days."  And when I'm having a pretty bad time of it, I open it up and read it.  Works wonders!

5.  Find their other accounts on other social media networks and follow, friend, connect with them.  For people trying to develop an online audience, a larger audience is always good.

That's just five small ways to quickly help someone out.  I'm sure there are more ways that I haven't thought of.  Enlighten all of us.  What great little way have YOU helped someone?  What small way has someone else helped you? Leave a comment below so we can pay if forward and learn all the little ways we can help each other. 

You are truly my most powerful and influential friends.

Thank You Patricia, she's   on twitter, for having my back and being my pro-bono editor on this blog post. You are the coolest!  Number 6.  Help a blogger edit their stuff so it makes sense!  Hahaha 

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  1. What a great article and some really key actions people can do to help.

  2. Heath, I love doing little things to help people. Thought I'd spread my love of this around.


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