Saturday, November 29, 2008

If SHE can save, I can save . . .

Trying to find the motivation to continue saving money, when life is always getting in the way? You know how it works. You save up $500 and you pat yourself on the back because you finally did it . . . you have money in a account . . . "savings." Then, two tires go flat. Or you backed into a pole. Or you kids needs braces. And just like [snap] the money that took three whole months to save is gone. What's the use?

Then I come across articles like this.

Laxmi Das says she has been saving the coins since she started
begging more than 40 years ago as a disabled child because of an early
attack of polio.

"I saved for the days when I cannot beg," she told the BBC.

Article: Indian beggar saved for 40 years.

Now seriously, doesn't this woman put all of us to shame when we say we just can't manage to save any money?

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