Monday, December 2, 2013

Tele-jobs: Accurate Background Inc.

Accurate Background, Inc. is a company that provides background screening, drug testing and independent contractor solutions through web-based technology.  Basically, they hunt down people's pasts via online resources.  

I personally have several girlfriends who should work for this company.  Whenever they meet a new guy they Google his name to death!  They also Yahoo his name, LinkedIn scan, Pipl search and look him up on Free Public Records Search Directory and NETRonline!  A couple of them claim that is invaluable.  By the time they go on the next date, they know that the guy's great-great grandmother had her last child at 39!  If you have any family or friends like this, then this telecommuting job is for them.

Accurate Background Inc. usually have Verification Researcher positions open.  Here is a description from their website:

Verification Researcher
Working under minimal supervision in a telecommuting (work-from-home) role, the Verifications Researcher is a part-time position and is responsible for confirming an applicant’s employment experience and educational background by contacting academic institutions, schools, employers, or online databases (known as “sources”) directly, primarily via telephone, and more infrequently via fax, email or via the Internet. Your job will be to compare the information provided to you in an online queue assigned to you directly by Accurate Background, with these external sources to verify the accuracy of the information that was provided to us.

To apply for this job, click here and click on Join Our Team.

The company has other positions that are open to telecommuting as well.  You should check it out or you can use the contact information below to send your resume.

Accurate Background, Inc.
7515 Irvine Center Drive
Irvine, CA 92618
Phone: 800.784.3911
Fax: 800.784.3593

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