Saturday, March 23, 2013

Earn Quick Money: Mowing Lawns

If you were ever a 12 year old boy, you know that Spring and Summer months are the best time to make a nice bit of money.  And if you live in Florida and California, you can make a good grip of money all year long. 

Do you know what 12 year old boys know?  That you can make quick, good money . . . mowing lawns!

Start in your neighborhood. You can create simple flyers to announce your services to your neighbors, but the most effective way of getting clients is to knock on doors and ask if your neighbors need their lawn mowed.

Don't have equipment?  That's okay, here's what to do:

1.  Ask your neighbor if they have a mower
2.  Borrow the mower from a family or friend and offer them a percentage of your money earned
3.  Rent a lawn mower (see rent out your stuff)
4.  Buy a lawn mower at a garage sale

How to get Clients:
  • Door to door offer
  • Flyers on the door
  • Ask friends/family to refer you
  • Ask people you go door-to-door if they know anyone that needs your services

What to charge:
Some people charge $1/minute for any yard work.  An average yard (2000 square feet of grass) can take 30 minutes.  Charging $25-$30 per mow is acceptable to most. Never charge per hour, charging by the hour can scare customers away.  If someone asks now much, estimate your time (this yard will take me 1.5 hours) then give them the price $37 (that's a little below $25 an hour) and if you complete the yard faster your higherly rate is larger.

  • Mowers throw up stones make sure you don't mow around children, pets and sunbathers
  • Customer's giving excuses why they can't pay, but still need service
  • Customers asking for additional favors
  • Customers with unrealistic expectations
  • Accused of breaking anything that's near you or outdoors


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