Thursday, March 14, 2013

Come on people, I'm not a mind reader.

Okay, I'm going to have to call you all (Telecommuting Millionaire? Readers) out.  I have on average 4,500 page views this month to this blog, but hardly any comments!  Wow, you guys don't have any opinions?

Do you like the information presented in this blog?  Are there topics you wish I would cover?  Has any of the information helped you?  Do you need help figuring out how to realize your dreams?  Do you want to open a business or begin a new project?  Is there a step in the process of realizing your dreams that you would like to explore?

I'm sure you realize that the more comments to this blog, the more I understand what's on your mind, what information you want, need or desire. I just need a confirmation that the information I'm providing is helpful to you.

I'm asking you . . . no I'm begging youPlease leave comments on Telecommuting Millionaire? posts!  I promise that if you leave comments on this blog: I will reply to each and every one of them.  If you leave a question, I will try to find the answer or at least let you know if I can not answer that question.  If you leave information about your own blog, I will pay it forward by visiting your blog and leaving a comment.

So my friends, tell me . . . what are your dreams? What can I do to help you achieve them?  And is any of this information I've providing helping you?

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  1. Oh! Oh! Here she comes, she's a mind reader! Ha!

  2. Thanks Anonymous, you have just proved that there is LIFE out there in the blogosphere. I was wondering . . .

  3. I'm new visitor to your blog. This Q may be answered elsewhere on your site, but you asked for Qs so here you go. What recommendations can you provide for someone attempting to find open telecommuting positions? Specifically those without geographical constraints?

  4. It's so much easier these days to find telecommuting positions since my book I wrote about this in 2001! First of all, you can start by visiting blogs like mine. In particular, here is a blog post where I list telecommuting jobs with reputable companies here:
    Telecommuting Jobs Round-Up -

    However, outside that, I would say make sure to research companies that are fully virtual. There are many that do this. I would invite you to look at companies that focus on providing software, services for virtual work. Usually, these companies walk their talk, if they are pushing virtual tools then they want to prove how wonderful their tools are by allowing their own employees to use the tools to work.

    An example of a company I'm talking about is, which actually develop software that allow companies to work virtually in teams. Check them out!


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