Thursday, February 21, 2013

Your Chance for Cool Stuff: A New Car!

I'm always on the look out for ways to get free stuff.  This one is a pretty good offer.  It makes me feel like I'm on Let's Make a Deal.

Can you believe it?

Just because you are a maniac on social media had have like 100,000 Twitter followers, megapoints on Reddit,  your Facebook page has 25,000 Likes, and your YouTube Channel has 10,000 subscribers, or something like that -- you little social media maniac . . . you could get a brand new car from FORD!

Here's the deal though.  Only 100 people will get the new car.  And you have to do like mad social media stuff (videos, reddit AMAs, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram activities all year long). For your social media efforts you will get:  A brand new car, a 2014 fiesta, that you can KEEP dude!  They also supply you with: gas, insurance and all the necessary tools you’ll need (I'm thinking video camera, digital cameras, laptops and smartphones to be able to record all your new adventures with your Ford Fiesta 2014.  It's called the Fiesta Movement and you will be Ford's Fiesta Movement Agent (if they pick you).

This is a clear case of Social Media meets Corporate World.  Check out all the information about this movement on YouTube and Twitter.  #FiestaMovement.

Of course the Ford Fiesta Movement website has a bunch of information and the application process.

One of ya'll is destined to win one of the 100 slots.  Get to work you guys!  And please, send me information: links to videos, blog posts, Instagram photos, etc. This is soooo exciting!

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