Thursday, February 28, 2013

Telejobs: Airlines and Cruises - Transportation

Okay, okay . . . I get the picture.  One of my most popular blog posts is the telecommuting job listing for American Airlines.  I get it.  You guys like work-at-home jobs that are connected to transportation agencies.  So, I decided to create the jackpot of all blog posts.  I'm going to list all the transportation agencies that allow telecommuting/teleworking.  How's that?  Yes, yes, I know I'm awesome.  What else is new?


American Airlines - Home Based Airline Representatives
Search their job listing and they often have positions described as "home based".  However, these jobs go fast so keep going back and apply quickly because they are definitely here today and gone tomorrow.

Jet Blue -- Airline Reservations
Lots of open positions two or three months before the winter holidays, bilingual skills are always needed.

United Airline -- Click on the Reservations Option.  The jobs you are looking for is titled: Remote Reservation Agents  -- if you speak another language like German and Dutch you are a shoe-in.


Norwegian Cruise Line -- Go to Advance Search and click REMOTE in the location book.

Princess Cruise Line -- look for "Reservation Sales Agent" and "Reservation Support Agent" These positions are eligible for telecommuting after 6 months.

If I find more companies that have telecommuting/home-based job options, I'll update this posting.  Check back soon.

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