Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Earn Quick Money: Create A Unique Experience

What if someone was willing to pay you for a unique experience or a special tour of your area? That’s what exactly happened in a movie I watched called New Year’s Eve, the Movie.

It’s a movie that has a whole bunch of stars in it.  One part of the movie featured Michelle Pfeiffeir and Zac Efron  -- the premise of their story lends right into our Earn Quick Money Scheme of the Day.  
So, here’s the lowdown,  Zac is a bike messenger and Michelle is an office manager, she rented him out for the day and asked him to make every item on her "Resolutions List" come true.  I have a videoclip, of the scene here.

Okay, so on her “Resolutions List” were several things:

  •       Walk all five of New York's Boroughs in one day
  •       Visit Bali 
  •       Breakfast at Tiffany's
  •       Save a Life
  •      Take a New York taxi ride with no traffic
  •      Trip around the world
  •    (Among other things)

And being the creative soul that he is, these were Zac Efron's solution to her requests:

2.  Took her to Bali Garden Spa where she got a wonderful massage.  It was a spa that looked exactly like Bali.  Unfortunately, the spa was a film set that filmmaker Gary Marshall created, several people have tried to find the spa in New York with no success. Because it never existed, but it looked damned good on film!

3. Had coffee and donuts right outside of Tiffany's in New York.  Side note from Telemill: I would have one up'ed  his solutions and had a little cafe style chairs and table outside the store with one of my friends serving coffee and donuts.

4.  Took her to Adopt-a-Pet center and they picked out a little brown and black puppy - and saved it's little life.

5.  Took her on a water taxi ride on a cold day

6.  Rode his scooter around a giant glob statue.

Pretty inventive and pretty cute huh?

Can YOU think of inventive ways to show someone around your town?  
Do you know of little known museums and attractions that the normal tourist or tourist guide has no clue of?  
Can you make a person's wish list come true in an inventive way?  

Yeah?  You think so?  Then YOU, my dear, can create unique experiences for people in your local area and make money doing it.

It’s really a simple thing to do, I did it once.  A few years ago,  I created a special tour for my aunts in Napa Valley that I could quite easily transfer to a “Unqiue Experience Tour”.  You see, I live very close to Napa Valley and my aunts and my female cousins, though also living close to Napa, never took any wine tours because . . . they don’t like wine.   

But they DO like “Sparkling Wine” -- the equivalent to France’s Champagne.  So I found the five, count them 5, wineries that produced Sparkling Wines and created a “route” that would allow us to tour each in a day.  We rented a limousine, so we could drink freely without worrying about driving home after imbibing.  I packed a really nice picnic lunch (table cloth, champagne glasses, candles, etc.) and found a really nice outdoor picnic area that (when we got there we discovered) had a live quartet playing beautiful music!  

Before the tour, I made sure to create really nice Itinerary Folders that gave the history of each winery we were going to visit and tour.  And then as we toured each winery, I wrote down which bottle of bubbly each woman said she especially liked.  On the drive back home, I presented each of my guests with the wonderful gift of a bottle of their new favorite Sparkling Wine.  We had a wonderful time and when they went back home to tell their friends, they realized that they had a tour that NO ONE else had ever experienced in Napa Valley.

 Me and my family on our Special Sparkling Wine Tour

Using the companies below, I could easily recreate this tour for people coming to the San Francisco Area and Napa Valley who wants to experience a UNIQUE tour that no one else has experienced.  I am seriously considering recreating this tour and offering it to make extra money.  I’ll let you know how it turns out.

Check out these companies that allow you to be a Unique Tour Guide to a Unique Experience only YOU can provide:


Hip Host



Tours by Locals

Make sure to read all the requirements and terms of service agreements before signing on any dotted line.  This really sounds like a fun job.  I’m very interested in some of the ideas that you guys can come up with to create a unique tour.  If you don’t mind, share your ideas in the comments section below.

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