Sunday, February 3, 2013

Quick Money Tip: Put VISA/AMEX Gift Into Your Bank Account

I simply love quick and easy money tips!  I plan on giving you guys these types of tips whenever I find them.  They are never planned so I can never schedule them.  They just pop up.  I can't help myself and I have to share them with you guys.  So keep your eyes open for these.

Today, my Telecommuting Millionaire?'s Quick Money Tip involves 3 things:  (1) VISA/AMEX Gift Cards, (2) free Square Credit Card Reader and (3)an iPhone, Adroid, or iPAD.

If you ever get an Amex or Visa gift card (as me and my kids often do) and you look at the card and think, I could use this as cash.  You can actually put the majority of that gift card value into your bank account.  To do this you have to have a free Square Credit Card reader.  Run your gift card through your credit card reader and the value of the card - minus the transaction fee (for the Square, that's 2.75%) will be in your bank account in a couple of days!

Isn't that cool? I thought so too, that's why I just had to share.

UPDATE:  One of my friends gave me an additional money making tip.  She enters contests that offer VISA and AMEX Gift cards as prizes.  She enters these small contests/sweepstakes and with my advice given above, she has recently put $550 in her bank account!  She loves entering contests with VISA and AMEX gift cards as prizes because they are small contests and she has better chances of winning these.  And now that she knows my little Credit Card Reader secret, it's even better!

To find sweepstakes Google: "Visa Gift Card" or "AMEX Gift Card" and "sweepstakes" or "contes."
Have fun!

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