Thursday, September 19, 2013

Telejobs: Kaplan, Inc.

Do you have experience in education?  Would you like to work for an educational institution . . . from home?  Well, you are in luck my friend.  

Kaplan, Inc. is a well-known educational company and has many positions that are virtual/remote.  

Kaplan Inc. was the Test Prep king when I was in high school.  They had all this classes to prep you for the SATs.  Then they began test prep classes for other well-known tests and then they began to offer these classes online.  Now, Kaplan offers:  
  • Online and campus based Bachelor's and Master's degrees.  
  • Professional education for finance, securities, real estate, insurance certifications.  
  • And tutoring and academic support for kids.  
They have world-wide reach and many positions to fill.

When you go to their Career Webpage, make sure to highlight "Nationwide" in the STATE selection column or type in "virtual" or "remote" in the Keyword slot.  You will receive about a couple of dozen jobs that allow you the freedom to work for a great company, but from your own office!  Cool huh?

If you want to view all the companies that I have found that offer telecommuting jobs, you should visit my post: Telecommuting Companies Round-Up.

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