Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Earn Quick Money: Renting Out a Closet

Do you have extra room in your apartment our house? 

Do you know that if you live in a Metro area like Manhattan or Los Angeles, there are rich people all around you looking for closet space?  Instead of looking for a roommate to help you with your rent, you may want to look at rich people and their closet needs.

Seriously, think about it.  A roommate you have to accommodate . . . you have to "live" with someone else, they may be messy or too clean.  A roommate has guests over or borrows your stuff without telling you.  You must live with a roommates little idiosyncrasies.  But a person that just needs your extra room as a closet . . . hmmmm.

Do you know that there are rich folks renting apartments just to use as extra closet space in these metro areas?  Don't believe me . . . then check out this article: "Rent one of your rooms out as a closet"

Bet you never thought of this, huh?  You can rent out your closet, attic, basement as temporary storage units.  

You can use sites like:

Store At My House


.... to let people know that you have spare space for lease.  However, before doing so you should take care of a few things:

1.  Establish renter guidelines;
2.  Be in agreement with renter on how often they can access the space and the length of the rental;
3.  Be in agreement of WHAT they can store;
4.  Figure out if you are legally liable for any stuff that gets damaged;
5.  You should basically not allow smoking or pets in the general "storage" area.

Being creative and meeting a need has always been the way to riches.  Get creative people!  Maximize every little asset you have.

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