Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Tele-jobs: Hilton Worldwide


I've always wanted to work for a world-wide corporation like The Hilton.   They have properties around the world and in the most exotic places. You meet lots of cool people.  But, the best perk of working for a company like the Hilton is the Employee, Family and Friends Discount where you can stay at any of the Hilton properties -- all over the world -- for a discount (like $39 a night!) Way cool right?

What's even cooler is that the Hilton has Work at Home Positions.  Usually titled Reservation Sales Specialists and Customer Care Coordinators.

To see if they have any telecommuting jobs open right now go to:

Hilton Worldwide -->
Click on Careers
Select U.S. Jobs or another option for listing jobs
Put in Keywords "Work at Home" or "located anywhere" or "remote" (include quotation marks)
You should see positions for Reservation Sales Specialist and Customer Care Coordinators, but there are other great positions as well.

Happy Hunting!

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