Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The House of Cards, too little too late?

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Video and article by CNN about the housing crisis . . . the bubble.
To me this is too little, too late information. I realized all this stuff all by my little old self and realized that this day was coming a couple of years ago.

But one good thing comes from this investigation.

It answers the questions I had about WHY in the hell was this going on?
Why couldn't people see that this was a disaster ready to happen? Was I the only one that saw what was coming down the road? Was "I" the only sane person that the "mad party?"

The answer = GREED.

I guess Micheal Douglas was wrong in that movie when he said "Greed is Good." Hmmm.
The Article and the Video

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    I know there are other sites out there that provide similar info, BUT I like the other info you provide as well--scam, earning/saving money, earning philosophies . . .

    Great job--hope to see more posts soon!


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