Thursday, October 24, 2013

Telejobs: NCR

Who is NCR?  

Man, NCR is everywhere!  The next time you go to the store or do any payment transaction, look closely at the machine being used and you'll probably see NCR.  

NCR is a global technology company that is EVERYWHERE.  They began in 1884 by John H. Patterson with the name National Cash Register Company (see where NCR comes from)?  They were the makers of the first mechanical cash registers.  Pretty cool, huh?  Anyway, they grew and now they estimate that they make more than 300 million transactions per DAY.  And guess what?  They have plenty of jobs just waiting to be filled.  Not only that, they have plenty of jobs that are jobs you can do from anywhere if you have the knowledge and the skill.

This company is a good, stable company to work for if you are lucky enough to get a position with them. So here's the deal . . .

Go to:  NCR Career webpage
In the keyword box put in any of these words:  "remote", "virtual" or "anywhere"

You will receive a list of jobs that you can do remotely or from anywhere.  Telecommuting jobs! 

Happy Hunting and Good Luck!

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