Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Luxury Living: Free movies & private screenings

Do you ever get really angry when you hear about celebrities and influential people driving up to theaters or going to a big swanky house with a "theatre" in it so they can watch a movie that has come out to the general public yet?  I don't know about you, but I hate those people . . . okay, hate is an intense term but why do they get to see the movie before me?  Why do they get to see the movie for nothing and I've got to fork over like $15.00!

Well, now kiddies, I'm going to tell you how to watch movies for free, movies that have not come out for the general public yet.  Lots of people do it! And so can you.

Get Free Tickets

Did you know that large metro areas have private screenings of movies and offer people FREE tickets to go to those said movies?

To get these tickets you need to register at one of these websites:

Advance Screenings



IOTA-Movie Screenings for Fans

Preview Free Movies (Disney Movies)

Sony Movie Screenings

Warner Brother's Movie Screenings


USA Audiences

Okay, before you get these tickets you need to know something about these screenings.

(1) Tickets go quickly so check the sites often.

(2) Additional passes are sometimes offered after the screening "says" sold out, check back even if it has sold out.

(3) On the night of the movie, get there at minimum an hour early.  They try to over-fill the theater because they want to pack the theatre. Seating is on a first-come, first-serve basis and when the house fills up, you are out of luck.

(4) Bathroom run vs. entering theatre? If you need to go to the bathroom, go get your seat first before going to the bathroom.  (You'll thank me later, believe me)

(5) Don't take out your phone at all!  They will take it away or kick you out because they will naturally assume you are recording the movie.

Other ways to see a free movie

Get a job at the movie theatre, part-time or full-time. All theatre employees get to see the movies before anyone else does.

Other ways to feel like a celebrity on movie night

Go to the movies on a Sunday night, last show. . . no one will be at the theater because they are all getting ready to go to work Monday morning.  Usually the whole theatre is empty except for the theatre employees.  Which means you have the whole theatre to yourself, with a crew waiting to serve you.  Happy private screening!

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