Monday, June 25, 2007

Government employees can telecommute

SITE REVIEW: Interagency Telework Site

If you are working for the government or applying for a job with the Uncle Sam, you should know that they are trying to push teleworking (telecommuting) and are providing this option to some of their employees.

Frankly, I think they need to push this option a little bit harder because:

According to "The Status of Telework in the Federal Government (January 2002)" - OPM report to Congress listed 74,487 Federal teleworkers, which is 4.2% of the workforce.

Only 4.2%? Please, that is nothing. They really need to step up their game on this.

This website is to help you figure out who (which agency) is open to telecommuting and how to present a plan to your government manager to allow you to work from home. But the true treasure in this website is the "Training Course" called Telecourse 101 for Employees. This courses takes you step by step through the process to help you assess if telecommuting is viable and a good match for your job and how to set up a great presentation to convince your boss to allow you to telecommute.

I believe that though they created the course for government employees, it would benefit anyone who has a currently job and wishes to convert it to a telecommuting job. But what is most helpful is the Telework 101 for Managers. It will give you insights on what questions and concerns the manager will have about your request. Gives you ideas of how to work with your manager to make sure this is a win-win situation for the company, the manager and you. This course is a must read.

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