Sunday, June 3, 2007

For the savvy tele-job searcher

SITE REVIEW: TelCoa - The Telework Coalition

Want to know what managers, executives, companies, government agencies, local government agencies are into telecommuting? Then get a membership in this organization. For $25.00 individual membership you are a part of a lobbying organization that is pushing for telecommuting.

The cool thing about being a member in this organization is you get the inside track on the people are are really gong-ho about telecommuting and you can then apply to openings under these people and be assured that your job will have the option to "telecommute." Pretty slick huh? I know, I scare myself sometimes.

Though very crude in its website aesthetics, this website has a lot of information, and if you are "job search savvy" . . . there are many leads to companies that are "into" telecommuting.

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