Wednesday, December 4, 2013

We are soooo doomed, if we don't WAKE UP!

Wake up America! Wealth Inequality in the U.S.

People, when are we going to wake up?  It's time to look a reality, figure out what's wrong with our current economic situation and fix it.  This is not the way an equitable economy is suppose to work.  The bad news is . . . we let it get this far.  The good news is, we still have the power to change it.  Let's throw out some ideas.  What can we do to change this?


Get the money out of American politics.  There are several lobbying organizations that are working to get "big money" out of politics which will allow the "common man" to win elections and legislate higher offices in the U.S.  I follow these guys WOLF-PAC - an organization that works for free and fair elections. What ideas can YOU come up with that can help us get back to the "ideal" state of U.S. economics?

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