Monday, September 16, 2013

Dancing in the Rain

Those who dance are considered insane by those
who can not hear the music
~ George Carlin 

My grandmother would often say: 

If you find yourself having a wonderful time running with the herd - enjoy it now, because soon you'll be falling over the cliff.

She's from Texas, can you tell?

I guess this was her way of saying what all parents say to their kids at one time or another, "Who are they?  Just because "they" jumped off the bridge would you jump too?" In both these cases, with both these saying my grandmother and your parents were right.  Doing what everyone else does will never be the successful path to your dreams.  It's when you venture out of the norm and do the thing that most folks think is "crazy" that you get something . . . if not your dream . .  if not success, then at least a unique experience!

I think this is what I like about old men with amazing stories.  Have you ever sat down and really talked to an older man or woman, say around 80 or 90?  They always have these amazing, crazy but utterly entertaining stories that are sometimes impossible to believe.  And whether you believe the stories or not, the best ones always start out with the main person, "the hero" doing something out of the ordinary, unique, crazy, foolish, incomprehensible.  Yet, at the end of the story, that person has experienced a grand, unforgettable journey.

I think that was the charm of the movie Forrest Gump.  He saw the world differently from everyone else and reacted to things differently, so it put him in situations that allowed him to experience grand adventures and do things that people could only dream about.  Believe it or not, there are Forrest Gumps in this world -- people who take what we would call "normal situations" and build them into grand journeys that helps them grow in unimaginable ways, that teaches them things we rarely get to learn, and allow them to be the most interesting of people.

Don't you want to be an interesting person?  Well, to do become interesting people, we have to change our minds or perspective.  In everything we do, we have to find some love, some creativity, some drive . . . to focus and progress toward our dream.

For example: A dead end job doesn't have to be a dead end,  if you have a dream that you are ready put energy into.  A dead end job could help you find contacts and networking opportunities that will help you fulfill your dream.  Look around you, what can your job do right now to help you get closer to your goals and dreams?  What can the people around you do to help you gain your dreams and goals?  What can you do, right now, that can help you get a tiny bit closer to your dreams and goals.

Do something today that will be the beginning of your grand adventure!

Doing what everyone else does, thinking the way everyone else does will never give you grand and unforgettable stories to tell your friends and family.  The storms . . . the obstacles . . . the challenges will always be there vying for your attention, trying with all its might to take you away from your dreams and goals.  Don't let that storm win! Because, life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass, it's about learning to dance in the rain.

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