Monday, July 1, 2013

Earn Quick Money: Lending Money

Peer to Peer lending or "social lending" is when you lend money to real people, they pay you back -- with interest of course -- and you gain a return on your investment while helping real people deal with real issues in their lives. 

Have you heard of websites like Lending Club and Prosper?  If not then you should seriously look into them right now.  With these social lending websites you can create a passive income stream (which means your money works for you, instead of you working for money) where you reinvest your earnings and credit worthy borrowers pay you monthly (cutting out the banks, investment firms, and the middlemen). 

Pretty cool huh?
Websites like Lending Club and Prosper help by:
  • Screening and scoring creditworthy borrowers
  • Allow borrowers to list their loan listings and tell their stories
  • Protect the lender's privacy and offer ID theft protection against fraudulent borrowers.
  • And much more

Why do borrowers use this service?  

They are so many reasons why borrowers choose to display their stories to potential lenders using these sites.  But most of them need help with:

  • Debt consolidation
  • E-commerce Investment
  • Buy a large ticket item
  • Down payment on a House
  • Lawyer representation
  • To Pay Taxes
  • Medical/Dental Expenses
  • Home improvement
  • even, Engagement Rings & Weddings
It is an excellent way to begin a unique investment portfolio and there are webpages and blogs full of information on how to use these sites to gain the biggest profits.  I'll list them below.  But the wonderful thing is, you can start your investment portfolio with as little as $50 and see a return in as little as 60 days.  Where else can you gain an opportunity like this?

Now, let me warn you, this is not a get rich quick scheme. Please read all the information that I provide below as a resource on how to use these sites to get the best return and make sure you understand what you are getting into before you do it.

And if you decide to take this route to gaining a little extra cash, let me know how you do.  I love hearing success stories.  Because after all, I've always wanted powerful and influential friends!

Learn more about peer-to-peer lending from:

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One Big Risk Of Peer-To-Peer Lending: You Might Get Addicted!

PERSPECTIVE: The quick money series on Telecommuting Millionaire? is to help you find funding so you can take your first steps to following your dreams.  After you read a few of my Quick Money articles, you will realize that Money is Everywhere. Don't use these quick money ideas, unless you understand that you are using these ideas  . . . not to pay off debt, not for extra salary, not for "fun money" . . . but as a stepping stone to financing the first steps of your dreams.  Dog-gone it, we are going to gain our financial freedom together! Read: Money is Everywhere to get the proper perspective.

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