Thursday, April 4, 2013

Blogging for Dollars: Top 7 Places to Look for a Blogging Job

Can you make money blogging?

Well, in a simple answer YES, of course you can.  People do it every day.  Even I make a little (very little) money blogging here at Telecommuting Millionaire?

The good news is: there are two ways you can make money blogging.  Way Number 1: Begin your own blog and monetize (feature ads and affiliate links) on your blog.   Way Number 2: Find a job writing for an established blog.

Way Number 2:

To find a job writing for established blogs, you should first have some experience blogging.  How do you gain experience blogging?  Volunteer to blog for a charity or organization that you are currently a part of, they always need good content and free help managing a blog.  Once you'd worked on their blog and can show that your work has helped grow their audience a bit, you have viable "experience" that you can show an employer of bloggers.  Or, you can start your own hobby blog, where the goal is develop an audience and show off your writing and promotion skills.  Once you are satisfied with your skills and have something to show "the man" check out these places that list blogging jobs.

Places to go to find blogging jobs:



About Writing Jobs for Bloggers


Freelance Writing Jobs

and my favorite: WritersWeekly

There are more places, but these are the best in my opinion and I wouldn't want to overload you.  Perhaps, if you are very, very good, I will update this post with more places to find blogging jobs at a later date.  How's that?

Meanwhile look for more articles on blogging and making money in the upcoming days. And for pity's sake, please take advantage of the resources I give you in my blog.  I want you to become very, very successful -- because after all, I've always wanted power and influential friends and I'm counting on you to be those friends!

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