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Earn Quick Money: Collecting Aluminum Cans


PERSPECTIVE: The quick money series on Telecommuting Millionaire? is to help you find funding so you can take your first steps to following your dreams.  After you read a few of my Quick Money articles, you will realize that Money is Everywhere. Don't use these quick money ideas, unless you understand that you are using these ideas  . . . not to pay off debt, not for extra salary, not for "fun money" . . . but as a stepping stone to financing the first steps of your dreams.  Dog-gone it, we are going to gain our financial freedom together! Read: Money is Everywhere to get the proper perspective.

Okay people, we all know and hopefully you realize from the above video that you are not going to get rich collecting aluminum cans.  However, if you have a specific monetary goal to reach, then this is a good method to make a little money.  Do you need to make $600 for an inexpensive laptop or do you need $200 to pay for your business license to start your company?  This is a great way to save up and earn quick and easy extra money without a lot of hassle.  And guess what?  The money you earn is tax free!

Okay, so you've decided to try to make extra money collecting aluminum cans, plastic bottles and such . . . here is how to do it, follow theses easy steps and you should be making extra money by the end of the month.

1. Find your buyer . . .
Find out where your nearest local recyclers & scrap metal dealers are. You should find at least three near you.  Why?  Because you are going to do this smart.  You are going to go to the dealer that is paying the most for your finds.  So it's best to have a list of dealers and call them before you turning in your find so you can get the most for your effort.

2. Find out your value . . . 
Call the recycling centers and find out how much they are paying for a pound of aluminum cans or a pound of plastic bottles.  Also, while you are at it, find out what their requirements are for submitting your materials..  Some centers what them crushed.  Some centers don't want to deal with garbage bags, some don't care. It's best to find out how they want the materials - saves you time.

3. Have a clean, neat storage system for your finds . . .
Find or purchase containers to store your finds!  Aluminum cans can attract pests,  so storing them in huge garbage bags is one way to keep thing neat and clean and deter the little buggers.  Crushed aluminum cans are hazardous and can cut you, so storing them in large plastic containers like large garbage cans are best. If you can find large containers with lids  -- jackpot! -- you have pest control and you keeping your storage area very neat. Win-win.

4. Carrying your finds . . .
Have a backpack, or some type of carrying bag to carry your aluminum can finds.  What I find useful is a large backpack or carrying bag with several compartments.  (you'll understand in a minute).  I also love carrying bags that have some type of lining that helps contain liquid.

5. Picking up the cans . . .
Very long tongs or a trash picking stick is essential.  It will help you reach hard to get places in the bushes or dumpsters. And you don't have to bend to pick up cans and plastic if they are very long.  Having the mufti-compartments in your carrying bag allows you to carry your "trash search tools".

6.  Staying clean and healthy . . .
Sanitary wipes and a small first aid kit are essentials.  Gloves are a really good idea as well.  I like plastic surgical gloves, but gardening gloves and even diswashing gloves work well too.

Some things you should know:
  • It takes about 35 cans to make a pound of aluminum.  Recycling centers generally pay you by the pound.
  • The cans and bottles need to be dry and clean inside so, have a way to clean out the cans when you get to your storage area
  • A lot of people have a hard time crushing all the cans. Most people crush each can as they pick them up. But here's an idea: I've been known to put cans in my drive way and run over them or have the kids ride over them with their bikes, scooters and tricycles.
Additional Advantages:
  1. You are cleaning up your environment and helping your wallet at the same time.  
  2. Though you can do this from your car or truck, if you decide to walk and pick up cans, you  are getting a good work out and bettering your health.
  3. Recycling  one (1) aluminum can saves enough energy to power a 60 watt CFL light bulb for 20 hours?
  4. Cans can be recycled over and over again and 95% less energy to recycle aluminum than it is to MINE for the materials to make one can?
So, give me some insight people!  Have you ever collected aluminum cans, plastic bottles and glass to earn money?  How much did you make? Do you have any tips that can make this job easier/better?

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  1. I do this I clean offices and 3 of us collect cans and I take them to the yard every 2 weeks. I get around$8\$10 depending. I just bought a nabber/grabber a went to the park and got 1lb or so.
    The price here is 54c lb 4\14

  2. That's an extra $20 a month you are making! Do you realize that if you put away that money every month in an interest bearing account of just 2.5% interest for 3 years you would have $757.00

    My husband laughs at me all the time saying that I'm a penny-pincher, but $757 would be a nice little weekend vacation for my family. It's a plane ticket to Hawaii (for me, I'm in California). It's a website, mailbox, business cards, business license and office supplies to start my business.

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