Tuesday, May 22, 2007

I've opened two savings accounts

The first account is my "million dollar account", where I will accumulate a million dollars. I will not touch the money that I put into this account.

The second account is what I call my "investment account." This account I will use to invest in myself. I will use this money to pay for listing on E-bay, to buy supplies and equipment for my business to invest into this blog or my book or whatever money-making venture that I decide to participate in. Yes, I must acknowledge, that it does take money (but only a little) to make money.

Also, I thought is would be a safe way to be soft on my goal, because in the past whenever I opened an account that I told myself I would not touch for any reason at all . . . something came up that made me dip into it anyway.

I know, I know . . . that's what an emergency fund is for. Don't worry, I plan to have one of those too. But it just feels better to say that I have started my "savings program." Gives me energy to tackle all the things I need to do. So back off! Let me have my little fun in this.