Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Creating Cash - Making Money out of Thin Air

We will first focus on "creating cash." Why? Because even a small amount of cash allows us the freedom to do the things we want to do.

  • It allows us to pay for our DSL bill and our electric bill so we can keep this blog going.
  • It allows us to pay a business license fee when we come up with a fabulous business idea.
  • It allows us to buy equipment and services that allow us to effectively telecommute or work remotely for an employer.
  • It allows us to open banking and investment accounts to begin our wise, yet small steps into financial success.
Yes, creating a small bit of cash can grow into creating big opportunties. So we will start there.

For my "creating cash" endeavor, I have decided to use E-BAY, Craigslist and my very junky garage and closets. I'm hoping this money-making endeavor will also allow me to de-clutter my home and push me closer to being uber-organized, thus opening the flow of energy throughout my house . . . which, should increase the flow of monetary energy. (Do I sound too new-age-ish?)

Okay, so let's use "real terms". I need to make money. So, I should liquidate my assets (or better terminology: sell my stuff). I need to get brutal with myself and take everything that I'm not currently using -- and a lot of stuff I don't like -- and sell it, quickly. Bank the cash and move on to the next project.


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