Wednesday, January 7, 2015

How do music stars go bankrupt?

We are continuing with the lesson on BIG MONEY and how NOT to become bankrupt.  

Music stars, yes, music stars live a very glamorous life right?  

They ride in fancy cars, wear the latest clothes, diamonds, houses, jet planes, champagne . . . all in front of the camera.  Yes, it's great.

But what they don't tell these stars is when the cameras stop recording and they are sitting at home alone, they better break out the Excel Spreadsheets . . . or better yet, the pen and paper and calculator and make sure they have money left over.

Here is the Late Great Lisa "Left-eye" Lopez of the singing group TLC explaining how a group that should over 10,000,000 records in one year (yes, that's 10 million) can be in bankruptcy.  

Listen carefully, because all this information can be controlled from the beginning if you work your CONTRACTS correctly (which most people that gain a big wad of money do not do).  When someone starts talking to you and mentions money that is in the millions.  Time to talk to a lawyer and make sure that lawyer is getting you EVERY ADVANTAGE on that contract.  

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