Sunday, December 21, 2014

What to Look for Along Your Path Toward Your Destination

We have to stop focusing on what is going on in our lives right now.  All the many problems, crisis, what we need, what we don't have, obstacles, etc.  The point is, just because you don't have all the pieces to make your dream come true, doesn't mean that you won't discover all the tools you need as you travel down your path.  

In other words, don't let your condition today, stop you from what you can gain tomorrow.  

If you really want something, go ahead, embark on the journey.  Begin.  You will be surprised what you will find as you are walking down that path.  

One time, I remember taking a walk with one of my grandmother's good friends who liked to hike in the wilderness.  I was a young kid of around 10 or 11.  And the old man loved walking the large state parks that surrounded our area, but he was getting to old to be wandering around alone.  I thought I was doing this old man a favor, when in fact he was doing me the favor.  He was teaching me how life worked . . . simply by walking with me.  

He had decided that we would walk the path on Wild Cat Canyon.  The area was named well, for there were sightings every now and then of big wildcats in that area during bad weather events such as drought. As we started our walk and entered the thicker trees, he stopped for a moment finding a long piece of wood about 2 inches thick and as tall as he was.  He told me to keep a look out for a piece of wood about my height.  A few steps further and we found one to fit me.  I remember listening to the birds and the thunk, thunk, thunk that his staff made as he walked.  I soon used my staff to make harmonizing beats . . . thunk, thunk, thunk.  While he quietly talked and we walked, I noticed that he would stop and bend down every now and then and pick up smooth, heavy rocks and put them in his pocket.  Soon we came to a stream and he told me the best way to find streams, to always find pathways along streams when hiking, how to gather water, what to look for in streams for clean water, how to hold and clean water if you don't have fire to sterilize it and many more things about finding water in the wilderness.  We came across some berries that birds were joyfully eating and he told me how to know when these types of berries were good to eat and proceeded to tell me about roots that are also eatable. 

As we walked, I realized the lesson I was learning.  We started the path with absolutely nothing that would be helpful along this journey.   Identification cards, money, and communication devices are not helpful in the middle of a state park.  What one needs on THIS PATH is . . . . (1) A WALKING STICK, which has many uses.  It can help you walk when you get tired or if you injure yourself during the walk.  You can use it to make noise as you walk to warn animals of your arrival and allow them time to clear a path (thunk, thunk, thunk).  Or, it can be used as a defense mechanism in case you meet up with an aggressive beast (non-human or human).  (2) STONES, another defense mechanism but this one can be used as a long-range defense system.  If we had met up with an actual wildcat or other aggressive creature, a good throw of a stone could save your life.  (3) WATER, if you become lost or injured you will need water, a person can live without food but they can not live without water.  Water is necessary for survival.  (4) FOOD or survival and energy.  Pick the wrong thing to eat and you can poison yourself.  

Notice, that we had none of those things at the beginning of our journey, but we found all those things along our journey. This is how life works.  You rarely begin a journey with all the resources you need.  The most efficient journeys use resources along the way. 

In essence, being prepared is not the same has having everything you think you need for the journey.  Being prepared is knowing what you need to finish the job.  My friend knew that if we were going to walk safely through Wild Cat Canyon, we would need a walking stick, some heavy stones, water and a source of food (if we were gonna walk longer than a day).  He was prepared, because he knew WHAT TO LOOK FOR ALONG THE PATH.  Most people think you are prepared if you are holding everything you need and will not start the journey unless they have packed everything.  What most people think is what stops us from reaching our goals.

You will find what you need on the path to your destination.  You just have to be aware of what you need before embarking on our journey so you recognize the tool/resource when you see it.  Now that you know the secret . . . begin your journey today!

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