Thursday, July 24, 2014

Do people recognize as soon as they meet you?

I'm not sure if you all know the story about my climb to gain powerful and influential friends.  If not, listen up, it's important because it demonstrates the power of THE MIND.  It also solidifies the notion that YOU are the controller of your life and your life experience.  Seriously, if you want to have something, be something or do something . . . you have to CONVINCE yourself that you have it already.  That's it.  That's the secret.

I know about this secret because it happened in MY LIFE.  Yes, I lived it!  So, I can tell you with confidence that this simple truth really works.  In my case, one day I was getting a guest list together for a big event.  My husband and I were going to get all our friends together for an elegant celebration.    I was looking through the list to note if we had some prominent people in it, so I could entice some of the reluctant friends to come to the event (I have a set of friends that just want to sit around the house and watch sports and stuff.  It is often a task to get them to unstick their butts from their couches.) As I was compiling the list and, taking the hint from Santa, checking it twice . . . I realized that my husband and I were the most powerful and influential of all of our friends.  

What a sad statement, because my husband and I  (at the time) were broke nobodies.  

I looked at the list and realized, that all these people came to US for advice.  All these people came to US for a loan of money when things got tight.  All these people did the same things (usually not much of anything) day in and day out.  All these people never did anything daring or exciting or different.  Basically, if my husband and I were in a pinch financially, legally, employment-wise, spiritually . . . we were basically on our own.  Wow.  

Kind of distraught, I went to my husband and said, "Look at this!  We are the most power and influential of our friends.  This is crazy -- this is wrong.  Shouldn't we have people we can go to for advice?  Shouldn't we have people we consider mentors?  Shouldn't we be around people that we at least aspire to be like?"

My husband calmly looked at the list and said:  "Yes.  But here's the thing, if you want powerful and influential friends you have to seek out powerful and influential people.  Those types of people are busy doing cool stuff.  They don't just fall in your lap.  You have to seek them out.  You have to make an effort to be all the things powerful and influential people like.  You have to be interesting, knowledgeable, fun, adventurous, different, approachable, understanding and positive.  You have to be all those things FIRST to attract them.  You have to want powerful and influential friends CONSCIOUSLY."

So, I started conditioning myself.  I started telling myself that I'm interesting.  That I'm unique.  That my life is fun and I do fun stuff and interesting people would LOVE to be around me.  I started looking around for new friends that were doing daring things that I've always wanted to do.  I kept prepping my MIND, saying to myself:  "My life is interesting and fun.  I'm going to meet interesting people and I'm gonna do interesting things that I've always wanted to do and some new things that I haven't thought of yet."

Suddenly, I started recognizing all types of opportunities that came my way.  Invitations to parties and events.  Opportunities to travel.  Opportunities to meet people outside my current circles.  Opportunities to learn new stuff.  I said YES to the majority of them (didn't have enough time to say YES to all of them).  

About a year later, I realized I had added a whole new circle of people into my life.  And because of those people, I was doing a lot of things I hadn't before.  I was doing fun things. My life was richer, better and much more interesting!  I was looking forward to weekends.  I was telling old friends that they had give me much more notification of events they planned because I was BOOKED for the next two to three weekends with really cool stuff to do! And really cool people to do it with!

Do you want an more interesting life, with interesting people, doing interesting stuff? Then YOU have to believe that your life is interesting, full of interesting people doing interesting things.  YOU have to believe it before anyone else does!

Don't believe me?  Here is Dave Chappelle describing his first encounter with Kanye West before Kanye was known by anyone.  Dave Chappelle says, when he met Kanye, he "knew" he was a star.  

Do people recognize your potential as soon as they meet you like Dave Chappelle did Kanye West?  Maybe it's because you are not convinced yet what type of life you want to lead.  I want a life full of powerful, influential and interesting people -- and I'm in the process of getting that.  Kanye wanted to be a star -- and he got that.  What is your life supposed to look like?

All I know is . . . right now, mostly because of you guys, my life is dope!


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  1. Great article, and you are absoulutely right in order to achieve something we first need to believe in ourself.


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