Sunday, May 4, 2014

Try something new

I hate trying new things.  It only cascades into doing even more new things to support the first new thing that I just did.  

Before you know it, I'll be doing all kinds of things that are out of my comfort level.  Soon, I'll be surrounded by waters that feel, look and taste very, very foreign.  And then I will get that panicky fearful feeling of "what the heck have I done, how did I get back onto shore?  I'm gonna drown!"

But here is the question we neglect to ask ourselves: "Were you happy with your life the way it was?"  Let's examine this concept further:  Were you happy with your life when things felt familiar and safe?  When you could predict, like clockwork, just what is going to happen next?  Were you happy with the direction of your life?  


Then you've gotten into this mess because you want a new vision for your life.  And that new vision for your life, your situation, your success is clearly no where near the safe, predictable things you have mastered.  If it were, you'd have that success, situation or life by now.

How bad do you want to live the life of your dreams?  How bad do you want to just have some different opportunities in life?  Then do that new thing.  You've explored the old, safe stuff thoroughly.  The things you want are no where near the vicinity of the old stuff, right?

Continue on my friend.  Do a "new" things today, right now. Even if it makes you feel like you're drowning.  If you keep moving, you'll soon master treading in unfamiliar waters.

In the comments below, tell me the NEW thing you are doing today.  I'm really interested!

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