Tuesday, February 18, 2014

14 Reasons You Know It Is Time To Quit Your Job

1.  When a four day weekend is not enough.

2.  When your kids have a week long school break and suddenly, you wish you were in middle school again.

3.  When you get that sinking feeling every Sunday night at 11:05PM without looking at a clock.

4. If your boss's favorite band is Venom. (Their hit song is: Welcome to Hell)

5.  When you say in your head (referring to your boss) "If she says that one more time . . ."

6.  If you walk into the office 20 minutes early and you're still sweating.

7.  If lunch time is the height of your day.

8.  If your  bathroom breaks start being longer than 20 minutes.

9.  Three executives turn in their resignations on the same day and scream out "See you later sucka's!" as they burn rubber out of the parking lot.

10. Every time you see a 4 x 8.5 inch piece of pink paper you jump out of your skin.

11.  You overhear the word "bankruptcy" in hushed tones at the monthly Executive Team Meeting.

12.   You saw your boss naked by the recycled packing peanuts - you didn't stay long enough to find out why.

13.  You did a stripper pole dance at the company's holiday party, have no recollection of event, but discovered footage on YouTube (you got 15,499 views though!).

14.  You have this unyielding yearning and urge to follow your dream and time is running out.

All of these are really good reasons to quit your job.  But number 14 is the best reason.  

Don't be a chump.  You would most likely have your resume in circulation for any of the reasons numbered 1-13.  Don't disregard 14.  

You are worthy of following and fulfilling your dreams.  And okay, maybe you can't see your life without a job that pays the bills.  Maybe you don't actually believe that your dream could sustain you and your family.  That's fine, believe that for now.  Then at every waking moment of your life, outside of your job and immediate obligations . . . work toward your dream.  Every minute you can, even if it's only 30 minutes a day.  A little progress is . . . guess what? . . .progress! 

So today, promise me.  Even it's imaginary.  Even if it's in your head.  Quit your job.  And grab onto your dream.

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  1. LOL!!! Oh soooo true. Thank you for making me laugh. I really needed the humor and motivation this morning.

    Obviously, it was meant for me to read your blog today. A sure reminder for me that it's "way past time" in changing my earned income circumstance. I'd rather be self-employed and/or work from home.

    Again, I appreciate your blog.

  2. I loved the way your phrased that: Earned Income Circumstance. I'm sorry but that's too good not to borrow.

    And yes, I agree, I'd rather be self-employed as well. I worked many years telecommuting and for my own enterprise. Then, economic times had me get a "JOB" where I could produce a W-2 because loans weren't being funded on 1099s. (I wanted to buy a house, you see).

    So, I've lived both lives and I can tell you telecommuting and self-employment ARE THE WAY TO GO!

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