Thursday, July 26, 2007

Tele-Jobs: Aetna

Aetna a large company providing health care and health insurance has an excellent site. Really, I love this site! And let me tell you why. It's the simplest one for finding work at home positions.

Here's the low-down:

1. Go to the career section of the website (Aetna Careers)

2. In KEYWORDS box you can type any of these key phrases: flexible location, (work at home), (work from home), telework arrangement, (home based).

3. Up pops a list of jobs . . . please read the descriptions carefully. Bad news: some of the jobs won't allow telecommuting until one year of service. Good news: some allow telecommuting immediately.

TIP: Don't be deceived by the ones that don't have your phrase attached to the title of the job. Click on the jobs in that list because often the job's description has full information on whether the job allows telecommuting now or later.

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Please remember, dear job hunter, if your qualifications and experience do not fit the position, do us all a favor and refrain from applying. Employers do not want to be bombarded with resumes of people who can not do the job.

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