Monday, April 28, 2008

Luxury Living: Renting a Private Island (Updated)

Yes, one should dream. One should always dream of some of the things that can be done, once the goal is met. Me, I like to look around at luxury living ideas. And every now and then I'll come across something to share with you.

This week, we're going to talk about ISLANDS. Did you know that you could rent a whole island to yourself? Did you know that you can rent an entire island for a week for $2,000?

I was amazed when I found this out. This means a hard working person like myself could save up for 6 months to a year and easily have enough money to rent an island for a couple of weeks (with full staff available).

Interested in the possibilities? Check out the Private Island Website.

Check out:

Private Islands Online (Rent and Sale of Islands)

Rent My Island

Guana Island (The Caribbean before it went public)

Turtle Island

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  1. there are a lot more islands for rent on


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